Not So Fast! Food Truck opened in late July 2012. Owners and chefs Bob Montgomery and June Sinclair took some time to answer questions for

not so fast food

How would you describe your food?
Local, Sustainable, Paleo. Healthy fast food on the go! We try to incorporate seasonal produce as well as our own personal tastes into each menu item. Meats and vegetables are a staple.

What is “Paleo”?
The Paleo & Primal lifestyle isn’t just about what you can’t eat, but more about what you can. Local, sustainable and pasture raised meats, seasonal organic vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy oils. The diet allows us to eat delicious, nutrient packed food that our bodies have evolved to eat over thousands and thousands of years. Agriculture was just introduced 10,000 years ago, our bodies have not learned to digest grains, legumes and processed foods yet.

What makes your truck/food great/unique?
We source all of our meats from local farms and we know what they eat, what kind of land they’re raised on, and who the farmers are that tend to them every day. Unlike other trucks or restaurants, we make every single thing on our truck from scratch without the use of Gluten, Soy, Conventional Dairy, Legumes, or Preservatives.

Hey, what do you have against legumes?

Many people believe that beans, peanuts, soy and other types of legumes are healthy because of their high counts of minerals, fiber, vitamins and proteins.  But, they usually store 2-3 times as much carbohydrates than protein and their protein isn’t as dense as those found in eggs, meats or seafood.  Additionally, they lack in comparison to fruits and vegetables in both micronutrient density and fiber.

Legumes also contain phytates.  Phytates are Antinutrients and hinder the body’s absorption of necessary nutrients.

Soy is full of isoflavones which are plant hormones that mimic estrogen(women’s sexual hormone) in both men and women’s bodies.  There has been correlation between soy consumption and cancerous tumor growth.

Peanuts and Soy both contain lectins.  Lectins bind to the lining of the intestine(gut) damaging the intestine and cells.  They can also affect your gut flora(Healthy gut bacteria) which can cause severe digestive and stomach issues.

What did you do before you had the food truck?  What’s your background?
Bob had been a Manager with House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ and in Dallas, TX, at Lucky Strike Lanes in Philadelphia, PA and The Wavehouse in San Diego. June has been serving, bartending, and managing for years in bars from San Francisco to Santa Barbara to San Diego.

What’s the best part about running this business and what is your biggest challenge?
The best part is knowing that we have started something that hasn’t just changed our lives but has the power to change others. We don’t just go to the office every day. We are putting healthy food back on the map where it should be and saving the world one clean meal at a time!

The biggest challenge has been trying to separate work and personal life when not on the truck. We’re almost sure it’s impossible if you’re truly passionate about what you do.

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What is the best thing you’ve EVER eaten had from a food truck?  Which truck was it and where?
Ooooohhhhhh, this is tough. Slow Cal BBQ has the best BBQ I’ve ever had. Operacaffe has amazing meatballs.

How do you come up with menu items?
I remember things that I used to eat when I didn’t care what I ate, then I try to figure out how we can make a healthier version of it, packed full of nutrients. 🙂

What would you say is your most popular item?
Bison Burger: Grass fed bison topped with Kerrygold Dubliner grassfed cheese & red wine caramelized onions or The Lamby – Local tzatziki marinated lamb topped with mint apple bacon chutney & sheep feta.

What is something “off the wall” that you would love to put on your menu but aren’t sure people would go for?
Meatza — a Paleo Version of Pizza where you use ground meat as the pizza crust itself!

What’s the best reaction someone has had to your food?
We have had some people tell us that our burgers are the best they have ever had, hands down. That’s an awesome compliment to hear. Although I still don’t consider myself one, hearing people refer to me, Bob, as a chef is rewarding as well!


Thank you to Not So Fast for taking the time to do this interview. Not So Fast can be found on Twitter at @notsofastfood or Facebook or their website.