Resources for Food Truck Owners

Education on starting a food truck:

Vehicle Wraps

Truck fabrication

Commissary Kitchens

Commercial kitchens for rent in the San Diego area.

Accounting Software

Graphic Design

Website Hosting

Siteground has low prices and excellent online customer service.

Web Design

Chow Web Design specializes in modern, affordable websites for food truck businesses.

Icing Creative (designed this site!)

Credit card processing


Accion San Diego, a non-profit microfinance organization that gives small business loans and resources to small businesses.
Triton Capital provides both start up and existing business financing.

Legal Resources

Obtaining a food truck permit (City of San Diego)
Mobile Food Facility Requirements (County of San Diego)
Mobile Food Facility Operations FAQ (San Diego County)

Fire Suppression & Protection


For new and existing food truck owners in San Diego: we’ve compiled this list of businesses, vendors, and professionals that provide useful services. If you own a business and would like to be listed here, email us.

A listing on this page is not an endorsement. We cannot personally vouch for these providers; we are simply providing them as a resource. This page may contain affiliate links.


  1. Greetings,
    As the owners of the property at 1316 28th street, we can lease space for food vendors along Russ Blvd, and on our property. We’ve begun to build communication, social links, etc. Wondering if you can guide us, to best ways to expose our property to your audience. Are banner ads on your site available? Leasing professionals that handle Food Truck locations?

    Love to hear your thoughts.

    Rick D.
    Parkside Property

  2. Although many of the food trucks know about us, Expo Propane, I would like to get the word out further about the current price of our propane. We are at $1.85/gal + sales tax. We have two propane filling stations in San Diego:

    5596 Kearny Mesa Road, San Diego 92111 (near 163 & Clairemont Mesa Bl.)
    (858) 715-4617

    3650 1/3 Kettner Bl, San Diego 92101 (near Washington Street off of I-5)
    (562) 335-7633

    Our business hours are Tuesday thru Saturday, 8:30am-5:00pm.
    Both locations are 5 stars on Yelp!
    We also fill bbq cylinders, forklift cylinders, RV’s, autogas vehicles, almost anything propane.

  3. Hello SD food trucks, I was curious if you had anyone on staff that I could contact to give me a hand with a project? I own and manage a 27,000sf warehouse just south of Downtown San Diego. I may be getting the building back from the current tenant in August 2016.

    I know a lot of chefs and they had indicated that the food trucks needed a “service” and secure indoor storage spot. I am attempting to check for interest in this. We could include washing and storage at a base price of probably around $800 a month. This would include filling with water and dumping of grey water A menu of other services could also be added I am after a customer base of 20 vehicles to make this viable. the building should park up to 60 trucks inside. We could provide ice on site, and also trash removal ( I found an industrial ice maker that can produce 24,000 lbs of ice a day! IF I can collect enough interest, and we reach a critical number of trucks I also would have room to provide food supplies, and refrigerated fork lift accessed food supply and storage. A large commercial kitchen was discussed for prep as well.

    I am trying to decide If there would be interest in this community for the service? Do you have anyone who could give me some insight?


    Gary Nobel

    • Hi Gary!

      I have some insights to what you are proposing. Contact me to discuss further if you are still interested.


      • Hi Gary,
        Were you able to get this started-I would be interested. Please contact me by email or phone. (619) 200-8786 Thank you!

  4. Hi,

    We are a spice aggregator and source spices from across the globe. We would love to get in touch with food truck owners to explore options of supplying high quality spices and competitive rates. We doing free shipping from India over $25.

    We look forward to your support to reach out to truck owners.


    • Hi Tulsi,

      We have a commercial kitchen for rent and are always looking for ways to help out our customers so if you want we can bring up your spice offerings to our customers. Contact me to discuss: (858) 673-2230.


  5. Hi,

    Do you have information about how to start my own food truck. Im looking for the needs, prices, permission, information about the areas where food trucks are allowed. I was thinking about seaport village, downtown, PB, OB or La Jolla.

    Thank you very much for the information you can bring me and congratulations, you website is awesome!


    I have a good food truck location in Barrio Logan on Logan Ave. between Evans and Sampson.

    Please call, text or email me if interested: 415-305-6275 Cell Phone.


  7. I manage a property in chula vista and we are considering a food truck…good location, busy street. Call me 619-249-4000

  8. Looking for a Vendor that can Service my refrigeration unit for my food truck any leads would help… Thank you.

  9. Hey guys! I am a brand new owner of a soulfood foodtruck here in San Diego, CA… When I say brand new, I mean that I have only done the local farmers markets around San Diego, no food truck experience. Is there anyone willing to offer a few classes to my partner and I so that we could have a little experience on what it takes to swiftly get the day started and set up for greatness? Message me on my current fb…

  10. I have the greatest Food Truck Location in the Inland Empire. Location is directly across from the Riverside County Office of Education. 450 Employees eat lunch here everyday. Across from the Conference Center Parking Lot and The Main Public entrance into the District offices. Street is Vacated I own 1/2 of the Street and this location would make a fortune for Breakfast and lunch. This location has a private eating Patio that gives this location a huge boost in eating to the the right food truck. Actually there is room for 2 trucks to park here without any hassle from any body. Go to and look at 3882.5 12th Street. Call me to discuss.

  11. Hi,
    I am new in the business of food trucks and I want to know if someone knows about a commissary in SD that they are available to rent. Other than Moody’s.
    And any other information that you can offer I really appreciate it.

    Thank you
    Pamela C.

  12. Hi, I am looking for a food truck parking space in Vista CA, San Marcos Ca or Oceanside CA. Thanks

    • Shoot me an email if you still need a parking spot.


  13. Hello, How can I report when a large number of students will be at my facility that would be interested in various food truck food items. I would be able to give a week or more heads-up but would like to know what truck could attend so I can inform the students and staff of the trucks that will be coming. I am not interested in catering lunches for people just letting you know when I will have 200-300 people here and you can show-up and make some money. Thanks for your help.

    • Joe,
      I would be interested I have a hot dog cart that I am looking to set in a location during the day.
      Please call me 858-225-9977

  14. I do not recommend North Coast Signs for a Food Truck Wrap or graphics. Owners outsource all their work to the lowest bidder.
    The wrap on my mobile plumber truck was a hack job at best. Was not happy with it and they finally refunded part of my money after many calls!
    Better do a search for someone else local.


  15. Hello Food Truckers:

    We are a manufacturing company in Miramar with 140 employees, 120 are production personnel, and we have recently lost our lunch truck. I am trying to re-establish a consistent truck, or multiple trucks during the week, that will commit to 11:00-11:20, M-F. I’m not necessarily looking for a single vendor for the whole week, a different truck each day would be great, too, i just want to make sure we have someone here for lunch so our employees don’t have to rush out on their 1/2 hour break. If anyone is interested, please call me at 858-877-2845. Thanks!

  16. Hello folks, I’m currently in the process of starting a mobile food truck business and need leasing space as well as general guidance on how to obtain permits. If anyone is willing to lend a hand, I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  17. Hi,
    I would like to rent a food truck for THU and FRI. We are setting up for thanksgiving near OUTLETS MALL. Based on the sales and feedback we will commit to long term plan and officially launch the business. Really appreciate if anyone can rent a food truck equipped and ready to operate for THU and FRI

  18. Food Trucks in Chula Vista –

    If you’ll be in Chula Vista parked and doing business we’d like to know. As our reach to the citizens of Chula Vista increase we would like to promote the locations of our favorite food trucks to help citizens to find truck when there’ in Chula Vista.

    The ideal method would be a feed. We have programming skills over here at and we can build something if need be to accomplish the goal. For now you are welcome to email us schedules as we figure out how to best do this.

  19. Hey SD Food Trucks,

    Thank you for all you are doing to support small businesses in SD. My husband and I started Gaucho Grilling over two years ago, offering Street Style Brazilian BBQ, and other classic Brazilian dishes. We’ve enjoyed many events in SD, but have found catering to be the most lucrative form of business, and I heard that your site is a great resource for this.

    What do you need from us to get a listing on this website?

    Beryl and Jardel (The Gaucho)

    • Hello food truck community. I have a 5,000sf concrete lot downtown on J Street, blocks from the ballpark. J Street received tremendous foot traffic during ballgames and in the evenings. I would be happy to see this space activated. Please feel free to contact me with interest.

  20. Hey there!

    I have an existing food truck that I have operated for many years in TN. I provide barbecue and an assortment of wings. I am looking for potential places where I can park my truck/do business. Any information you can offer would be awesome. Thank you so much!

    • Are you moving to San Diego? you can email us at admin at sdfoodtrucks dot com.

  21. Im moving back home to San Diego in a couple months and will be starting my own food cart/truck business..

    As I’m putting numbers together and gathering necessary information I see that I’m having trouble finding a place to store a cart or food trailer.

    Does anyone know of a place that they can recommend? ( Preferably with a Commissary Kitchen attached 🙂

    I’m SO glad I found this site and will be asking for as much info as possible when questions come up!

    I look forward to hearing from you guys and meeting some of you hopefully in the near future!



  22. Hello, Could you please give me information about places where I can put my food truck? Thanks

  23. Hello Everyone!

    I am looking for a truck who is HIRING!

    I am a fulltime employee with the YMCA of San Diego County and I love my job but I have a passion for the culinary arts!
    I have taken steps to own my food cart sometime in the near future but would love more experience with food trucks! Owning a truck is the dream!

    I have limited professional experience but I have worked with chefs in the past and a food truck last summer. I am hungry for more!

    I am looking for an opportunity to work part-time or for special events on the weekends and will have more time available in the summer when my students go on break from school.

    Please feel free to contact me:
    call/text (619)808-2261
    IG Sous2103

  24. Hello SD group,
    I’m launching very unique and cute small dessert .
    I’d like to partner up with someone and I promise you won’t regret it. if you’re willing to show me the food truck business I really appreciate the opportunity. Let’s just chat and see where we can go
    You can email to
    Once again, truly appreciate it


  25. I have two barber shop locations that could use the ambiane of delicious food being cooked ..south park and lemon grove locations available..trucks or carts welcome ..text 619 731 4305

  26. I am looking for a space to rent install a Mexican food truck in San Diego

  27. Can someone provide a list of places to park a food truck in North County?

  28. Hello! I am looking for space to rent for a Vietnamese food truck in City Height area. If anyone have information about this, please let me know at

  29. Hi there, wondering if there are any commissaries near “Far East county” like Alpine, Pine Valley, Campo etc…?
    Thanks in advance

  30. We are looking for a catering truck operator. That can provide the following in Oceanside.
    Weekly food service:
    Tues. Dinners 5 to 6:30 pm
    Wed. Dinners 5 to 8:00 pm
    Fri. Dinners 5 to 8:00 pm
    Sat. Dinners 5 to 8:00 pm
    Occasionally larger events like wedding receptions

    Our facilities include:
    Truck parking
    Dump station
    Electrical power
    Walk in refer/freezer
    Large commercial kitchen
    2 new BBQ’s

  31. Hey y’all do u know where I can advertise my coffee truck for sale. Bought for 175k. Asking 99k. Did 150k In 2019. Would pay a 10k finders fee aswell.

  32. Is anyone interested in a food truck location in La Mesa?

  33. Hi I have a space for a food truck space rental in national city along highland blvd/8th totaling 35k daily traffic counts. Also adjoined by 2 national food drive thru chains that promote national marketing to the retail center. Call for details

    Venture Pacific Commercial
    Jason Lipovsky
    dre 01443834

  34. Where can you find a list of San Diego County approved Food Truck Commissaries? The San Diego County website does not provide a list, and the only one I find on Google searches is Moody’s, are they the only option in ALL of San Diego county?

    • Mike were you able to get a list of approved commissaries other than Moodys? We are in the same situation.


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