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How can I get a truck to serve food at my event?
Go here.

Our mission:

To inform about and promote gourmet food trucks in San Diego.

Who are you, anyway?

We are food truck fans who want to share information with the community! The San Diego Food Truck Facebook page began in June 2010 and this blog several months later. Please note that we do not run or own a food truck or cart.

Did you organize this food truck festival/event?

Nope, we don’t organize any truck events.

Will you list my truck on your site?

If you consistently serve food and/or beverages at different public locations around San Diego, email admin@sdfoodtrucks.com and let’s talk about it.

Will you list my event on the calendar?

If you know of an event with 3 or more food trucks in San Diego, email admin@sdfoodtrucks.com and we’ll try to get it up there. Include the event name, date, time, address, web link, and number/names of trucks attending.

Can you give me advice on how to start a truck?

We are a fan site and don’t own a truck, so unfortunately, we can’t give you advice on starting a truck. But you should check out our resource page for new truck owners.

I went to find a truck that you said would be there, and it wasn’t there!

Always check a truck’s Facebook, website, or Twitter directly to ensure they will be where you think they will be–you never know, things can change.

Can you get my truck into [fill in name] event?

Your best bet is to contact a truck that has participated in the event in the past and ask them how you can get in the rotation.


  1. Hi, I am looking for a food truck that does private parties at homes. Do you have any information on which good trucks might be available for something like that?Thank you!

    • I think most of the trucks are more than happy to do catering! Just give them a ring or send ’em email! Good luck!

    • Hello, Are you still interested in finding a food truck?

  2. To all Food Truck Owners,

    We are purchasing a beach parking lot at one of the busiest beaches in the San Diego market. We are looking for a long term relationship with several food trucks to serve thee2 million people who visit this beach each year. Do food trucks pay to have prime locations? We are open to any arrangment that would be mutually profitable. This is an awesome opportunty for an aggressive vendor.

    Bob Caplin

    • Hi Bob,

      Did you guys closed your beach parking deal yet? If so, please let me know the location / ‘s and contact number. Thanks.


    • Bob
      I am starting a food truck business in san diego,do you still have your space for lease for a food truck? if not do you know where?
      my concept is a baja street food,Iam a well know chef in the area,with 28 years of food experience,culinary background from france,experience in mexico,europe and usa.

      I would appreciate your respond

      Martin san roman

    • Bob,
      Hello I was wondering if the beach spot was still available. Here is a description of my business. Classic street food for a modern mobile world is ready and waiting to satisfy you today! Ritro Vending is cooking up the very best in that old school American favorite, the hot dog. Made with quality ingredients and with all the toppings you can imagine, you’ve never had hot dogs like this before! The perfect caterers for any and every event, Ritro Vending is just what you’ve been looking for! Perfect for a beach spot.

    • Hello I am Interested we can give back a percentage of 10-20% depending how we do please let me know thank you

  3. i own mission bay automotive….would you like to have a lunchtruck event at my shop on a saturday…closed for business that day but plenty of room to do it….morena blvd is a busy street near usd…tons of traffic…the neighborhood could use a change of pace…let me know—troy

    • I would love to have one at Mission Bay Automotive. Perfect place! Best automotive shop in town. I’ve taken my cars there for well over 15 years. Okay, enough compliments… but that would be a great place for a food truck. I’d bring about 25+ people from my MeetUp group (PB: 50+, single and fun) plus clients and friends. Troy has a ton of customers he could bring. And it’s so close to the USD students.

  4. My family and I are in process of writing a business plan for a gourmet food truck that we would like to serve North County Coastal. Although, we have learned that there are many regulations prohibiting trucks in San Diego County, we were excited to learn that Del Mar granted business licenses to 6 trucks participating in Curbside Bites on Wednesday evenings and were hoping to be able to join this gathering. However, due to pressure from Del Mar restaurants it appears the City Council is considering placing a moratorium on licenses for trucks in Del Mar. They will be discussing this issue at their next council meeting on Monday, November 19, at 6 p.m. I am writing to urge the trucks currently serving Del Mar to ask their customers to attend the council meeting and speak out on behalf of the food trucks.
    Council members need to hear not only from restaurants but also from community members who appreciate food trucks and want a greater variety of food options available to them by the beach.

    • Deborah,

      Did you had a chance to finish your business plan? If so, would you like to expand your business with as many as 10 food trucks? I’m an investor……contact me asap!


  5. I wonder if some of you would let us know who you use for your commercial kitchen and commissary. Any and all help would be appreciated.

  6. Please remove the K’Paza food truck from your listing. The Truck now is in Texas. Thank you.

  7. Hi, how come you don’t list the trucks that came to Torrey Pines today and yesterday?
    An inaccurate list is worse than no list at all….

  8. Rob,
    Are you still investing in food trucks?? Mail me back, I have a concept to discuss with you.
    Dick Dodd

  9. Are you still investing in food trucks?? If so please mail me back.
    Thank you,
    Dick Dodd

  10. Please contact me about my Fashion Mobile Truck that I am opening. I am interested in locations, beach info, anything!. .ready to go!! thank you!! EARLY BYRD BOUTIQUE.. is about to soar!

  11. We are having a fundraising event called the Barefoot BBQ on Aug. 24th at Spanish Landing and would like to have food trucks present. We have announced the event through local media as well as social media and expect over 500 attendees. The beneficiary for every Barefoot BBQ is local children. This year’s event is focused on the San Diego County Foster Youth Mentor Program (FYMP). We are committed to continuing to supporting underprivileged local youth. If you are part of a similarly-focused organization serving local youth, please let us know. We are a completely 501c3 non profit organization and would like a percentage of your proceeds to go to our charity. There will be music, entertainment and a great time to be had by all… Your presence will help to enhance our vision. Thank you

  12. Stop Shop and Roll is a fashion boutique on wheels! I just relocated to sunny SD from SF and ready to ROLL to your next event!

    Let us come to you!
    Private parties
    Food Truck events
    Corporate parties
    Pop Up Shops

    Contact me for details!

    Katie McCarthy
    Insta : StopShopRoll

  13. I would like to find out if any savory truck can cover for us this Thursday, Aug. 14 at Downtown SD J Street (between 3rd & 4th Street) 5:30 – 9:00 PM. Please contact either:
    Cristina (951)_240-8281 or
    Curbside Bites Christian Murcia (714) 718-1330.
    Either way, please let me know this way I will know which truck was able to replace us. Thank you.

  14. In the process of buying a food truck. What are some certified commissaries in San Diego where I could store our company vehicle? Thanks for the help

  15. Hi. I am interested in getting more information on hiring a food truck for my wedding. I would like the food truck to arrive towards the end of the night a few hours after dinner almost like a midnight snack only it would be around 9-10 p.m. The wedding will be in San Marcos on Saturday February 14, 2015.

  16. I have a great site (big parking lot and lots of traffic) at the East end of Garnet next to the Night Owl bar. I am interested to see if any trucks would like to set up shop there?

  17. Do any trucks make lunch rounds in the Clairmont Mesa area that would be willing to traverse down Copley Dr? We have zero lunch options in the area and have to drive to get lunch. There are several business here that love to have some options. I personally would love to see something every Thursday.

    • Yes! We are a very delicious taco shop specializing in authentic mexican food with a flare. If you’re still looking for food truck for lunch hours we are there!

  18. I am organizing a fundraiser and was interested in seeing if I could get a food truck there to help support. Since we are fundraising we are looking for something that is cost effective and will help us raise money not spend it. Any ideas?

    • We will offer our help email us

  19. I had the insider truck booked for our event for this sunday 4/27 for about two months m..is there another truck that can come to our event from 10-4 this sunday

  20. Hello Food Truck Vendors…

    I was hoping I could get some feedback and perk some interest on having food trucks come to THE HEADQUARTERS (789 west harbor Drive you would be parked within an inlet in the street attached to the Headquarters) every Friday for 2 shifts
    11-2 and 4-7pm

    If you know this area its prime location and high tourism. I am wanting some feedback on a fair fee to charge mobile vendors to be here. It is going to be called Urban Mobile Market. I know what fees I need to cover, but wanted to hear your thoughts and excitement about parking at this location.

    Your suggestions are welcomed 🙂

    • Hello Katie,

      We are in the process of launching our food truck which will serve up Hawaiian island style food. We are interested in learning more about the Urban Mobile Market. Please contact us asap. This is an exciting idea and we are willing to collaborate with you!!!!

    • Hi Katie, We have a food truck that specializes in Mexican Seafood. If you are still going through with this. We would love to join you. That area would be an Ideal place for mobile food trucks and we ready to move. Great idea! Not sure though what the fair fee would be. Also we are looking for more than 1 day a week if possible!


    • Hi, Katie.

      I was wondering if the “urban mobile market” is still in operation? I will be receiving my truck in about 2 week’s and would like to inquire about becoming a vendor. Thanks

  21. No special food truck events around Comic-Con this year?

  22. What about providing lunch at a private Christian Jr High/High School in Claremont?

  23. We are interested in being a source for ICE and water for the food truck community in San Diego.
    SDIV currently has 4 locations in San Diego County that “makes” and vends freshly ground ice for a great price – TWICE the ICE ( or half the price ). With more locations planned.
    We sell ice “on demand” for $ 2.50 ( INCLUDING TAX ) for a 16 lb BAG or 20 lbs in your cooler 24 hrs a day.
    For commercial customers, we offer volume discounts and tokens to help control your costs.
    For more info call 619 – 623 – 4907, or, email duttera@yahoo.com;

  24. hi how are you?

    we are Hanshik Korean food truck.

    can you help us how can i register on your website.

    our food truck faceboo is hanshik.

  25. Hello we have a food truck destination spot we think would work good for your events were just finishing up the improvements and will be ready as early as next week were located at the corner of 1792 national ave. My cell # is 8582459360

  26. I am just opening my catering truck called SoCal bistro, I was looking at your events posted on this website and was wondering how I can get into all these events. Thank you

  27. Hello I have a lunch truck of very good authentic mexican food and just wanted to do the events as well. How can I join???
    I am very interested in doing your events.

    My number is 6192541769

    • Email us at sdfoodtrucks at gmail dot com!

  28. hello,I am opening a brand new seafood trailer this week and am looking for a great location to do biz from on a daily basis in san diego county.also looking for a close by commissary.any info is greatly appreciated . please email me at ahi2bt@hotmail.com

  29. Would like recommendations for wedding venues that allow food trucks.


  30. Hi there,
    My boss and I have been trying to contact and figure out who schedules the food trucks for the area Qualcomm, 10182 Telesis Court.

    Supposedly a Qualcomm employee coordinates the food trucks but we have not been able to receive any reply.

    I am trying to keep an updated list of food trucks on our internal website and paper form for employees. I have noticed a change in the usual weekly food trucks and would like to see if you are able to help me figure out where the most updated list of food trucks would be.


    • Hi Jimmy, I’m sorry but I don’t know who coordinates trucks there.

  31. Hi. Thinking about bringing a permanent cart to San Deigo from Portland OR. Would love to chat. Maybe email me a contact to number so we can talk? Thank you!

    • Hi Han, we are a fan site and don’t own any trucks so can’t really advise on the nuts and bolts of having a cart here. You can reach us at sdfoodtrucks at gmail dot com, though.

  32. Hello I’m reaching out to you from the Beardsley Event Center, we’ve just completed construction on our event venue in Barrio Logan. We believe this to be a fantastic meet up spot for gourmet food trucks. If interested feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Fritz Ahern
    Property Manager, Beardsley Event Center
    858-752-8415 | http://www.beardsleyeventcenter.com

  33. The city of Poway is currently under a boil water advisory. All local shops the serve food are closed most of this week until further notice. I’d very nice to have a few or dozens of trucks posted around or. In Poway for families to have a night out for food. The local ‘Super Q’ Truck is the only one in the area so far.


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