I just came upon this post from the Food & Beverage Association of San Diego County that I thought you might find interesting.

In January the F&BA along with the Health Dept and San Diego City BID Council conducted a Mobil Food Facility Carts/ Trucks Workshop to educate all interested parties about the who-what-when and where of operating these businesses. Current and future operators as well as restaurants and caters filled up the meeting room—information was shared—questions were answered with everyone gaining some useful knowledge!

“F&BA continuing to be Hospitality’s Go-To Source for answers we field many questions concerning Carts and Trucks among other questions—today a restaurant owner called just before noon—this big food truck has parked in front of my business, is selling sandwiches-cooking items and refuses to leave—Is this Legal-What can I do?

“The location in question is located in the city of San Diego and because their code (city of San Diego code section 54.0122) requires them to be at least 10 feet away from another vehicle, they needed to hit the road. Police were called and eventually they left. They are also required to be licensed with the Health Dept, and that sticker is to be in plan sight for inspection.

“That may not necessarily be the case across the county—each city has its own way of dealing with mobile food carts/trucks. Some like National City ban them all together while others take it case by case.”

Interesting stuff.  I wonder why National City banned trucks?