Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.40.24 AM.jpgFinally, there is more information on this issue.

According to this new article from the San Diego Union-Tribune, current San Diego law states that food trucks are not allowed to park on private property-the law just wasn’t enforced under former Mayor Filner. Todd Gloria says he will enforce the law, but then he wants to change it to allow trucks back on the streets. Here’s another article on the issue from San Diego6.

Below is petition from from Curbside Bites:

Save The Food Trucks In San Diego

“New Mayor, New Rules,” at least that’s what the city of San Diego has to say when it announced that the city of San Diego will be shutting down any and all food trucks that operate on private property in the city, which accounts for over 75% of all food truck operations in San Diego.

In late 2012, the the City of San Diego Code Enforcement Division made an attempt to shut down any and all food trucks operating on any piece of private property.  The division stated they were getting a lot of pressure from restaurants complaining about the trucks and were going to view food trucks as a non-approved use of private property.  For a short while the Enforcement Officers went on a Witch hunt to shut down any food truck operating on private property until a group of food trucks banned together and threatened a lawsuit for anti-competitive business practices and targeting minority owned businesses.

Once threatened with a lawsuit, the previous Mayor met with food truck owners and Code Enforcement to put any closures on hold until the City amended its food truck regulations to allow food trucks to operate on private property just as they have been allowed to do for over 20 years.

Unfortunately, since Interim Mayor Todd Gloria took office, the City has decided to turn its back on their previous promise and shut down small businesses run by San Diego locals and minorities who operate food trucks throughout the city.   We believe the city needs to be held accountable to their promise and needs to stop trying to destroy an industry that consumers love  Rather, we ask that they support local small business growth in San Diego.  We believe consumers have a right to eat the food they love.  Show your support for your favorite neighborhood food truck by signing this petition.  From gourmet food trucks you’ve seen on your favorite Food Network shows to your favorite taco truck, we need your support to keep serving local fresh food.

By signing this petition you are letting the mayor’s office and all City Council know that food trucks have a right to operate on private property within the city.  You are also supporting the idea that the city needs to be held accountable to promises they have made to small business owners within the city of San Diego.


Note: Restaurants argue that food trucks hurt their business. This is one of my favorite articles about why it’s not a good argument. Should have been banned because it was competition to Barnes & Noble? Of course not.