Therapie is a mobile boutique offering “Style on the Go” for women of all ages. Cute dresses, stylish tops and bottoms, adorable bags, sparkly jewelry and more fill this fab, rehabbed 27-foot RV. Good luck getting out of there without making a purchase or developing a serious crush on a certain bauble or piece of must-have clothing! Therapie’s owner, Kelly Carney, was kind enough to take some time from her busy schedule to speak with us in this exclusive interview with SDFT.

Therapie Boutique

SDFT: In our brief chat, you mentioned that you were in retail for 23 years. Did you own your own boutique prior to investing in your mobile venture?
KC: Yes, I worked in, owned, and operated several small businesses in San Diego. I also worked for Nordstrom for 15 years where I honed my customer service skills and my eye for style and fit.

What finally drove you to the decision to create a clothing boutique truck?
I was looking at what the food trucks were doing and said if they can do it, then I can. All women need shopping therapy and I wanted to be able to bring my concept and clothes to busy women all over San Diego in a fun and innovative way.Therapie Boutique

What kind of “truck” did you decide to renovate and how long did it take for the total renovation?
I renovated a 27-foot RV. It is a Thor Fun Mover originally built to move motorcycles and ATVs. I gutted the entire thing—from floor to ceiling. It took about 6 weeks from start to finish.

Who designed your exterior and interior?
The exterior is a one-of-a-kind work of art by Gerardo Yepiz, known as Acamonchi, a local artist. I conceived of and designed the interior. I wanted it to feel like a Gorky boutique with chandeliers and real dressing rooms.

What would you say is your “style” and how is that reflected in what you have to offer?
My style is classic contemporary with a little bit of edge. Therapie Boutique offers something for everyone no matter your age, style, or size.

When I visited your boutique, I spoke to a friend of yours, Kelly Evans, who had a couple of jewelry tables on display. Do you plan on asking other retailers or friends to also join you at future events as a featured designer?
Yes, with most events I will host a local artist/designer for trunk shows. I want to be able to support local artists and give them a platform to show and sell their creations.

What do you like best about this new venture?
That I am able to do anything—the sky is the limit! I can go to people’s homes, farmers markets, local events, and fundraisers. Therapie Boutique brings shopping therapy to every woman—we are Style On The Go!

Therapie Boutique

Thank you to Kelly for taking the time to do this interview. You can find Therapie on Twitter, Facebook, or their website.