Exclusive Interview with The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck (Now Closed)

Exclusive Interview with The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck (Now Closed)

The “Slidertini” features Angus beef with sautéed mushrooms & onions, bruschetta, dill aioli spread, topped with a cheddar cube

The Gathering Spot closed in Feb. 2012.

1.  Tell us a little about yourself and your background. Who are you?

My name is Luis Valdovinos and I am the owner along with my partner and girlfriend Alysia Camara of The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck. I was practically born in a restaurant. My father is a Cordon Bleu chef of 37 years and counting and taught me just about everything I know. I am a native of San Diego, born and raised.

2.  When did your truck open for business?

The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck or TGS Bistrotruck officially opened for business on April 15th at the 57 Degrees monthly food truck gathering. It was a crazy night to choose to launch! We only had one trial run before that night. The night of our launch our fryer went out. We were the only truck with truffle fries and they were a hot item. Unfortunately we had to take them off our menu within the first 45 minutes. But overall, what a great way to get our feet wet.

3.  Why did you start a food truck?

I have always been passionate about food growing up in a restaurant and trying various cuisines from all over the world. Specifically street food and its variety, creativity and rich flavors have inspired the menu that we serve on our truck. I was initially looking at opening a restaurant when I saw a food truck in LA and thought it would be a great way for me to get started in the business. I was not aware about the food truck movement or any of the shows about them on TV until after I began my market research and starting putting together our business plan. We love street food and what it means to the community. It brings you out to the streets and opens up your palette to great culinary experiences.

 4.  How would you describe the food you serve? (more…)

New Truck Alert! Food Farm Truck & The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck

New Truck Alert! Food Farm Truck & The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck

Food Farm Truck

The Food Farm truck has arrived on the scene in San Diego and somehow managed to open without SDFT’s knowledge.  This makes SDFT fretfully question their food truck omniscience.  Enough about our injured self-esteem:

Food Farm Truck

Image from Food Farm's Facebook page

Facebook: “Food Farm, San Diego”
Twitter: @foodfarmsd
Website: http://www.foodfarmsd.com/

Food Farm currently lists 5 menu items on their website, including sliders, ginger chicken, orange salad, a “falafel dog”, and a grilled cheese.  The grilled cheese is intruiging to me as it’s made with goat cheese, strawberries, and balsamic!

They are a family owned truck that serves lunches to San Diego locations between the hours of 11am-1pm, Tues-Fri.  They also pride themselves in supporting local farmers and businesses.

The Gathering Spot BistrotruckGathering Spot Bistrotruck

This truck made it’s triumphant debut at the recent 57 Degrees Food Truck Extravaganza on April 15.  Their menu for this event included items like the Trifecta Grilled Cheese Sandwich: gouda, cheddar and pepper jack served with a gazpacho shot; and churritos: churro bites tossed in cinammon and sugar topped with vanilla drizzle.  Also mini tacos, sliders, truffle fries,a nd variations on hot dogs and brats. 

Facebook: tgsbistrotruck
Twitter.com: @tgsbistrotruck
Web: http://tgsbistrotruck.wordpress.com

New Trucks and an Upcoming Event!

Three new trucks are coming:

  1. Mangia Mangia (@mangiatruck).  Early reports state that they will be serving Italian food in La Jolla.  Their debut will be at the 57 Degrees wine shop from 4pm-8pm on Sunday, March 27th where there will be live music and free truffle fries.
  2. Munchie Mobile (@MunchieMobile).  This controversial entry into the food truck scene is from fast-food chain Jack in the Box.  Their debut is Friday night, March 25 at 5th & J Street in the Gaslamp.
  3. The Gathering Spot (@tgsbistrotruck) will be debuting at the next 57 Degrees Truck Gathering in April. They will serve “fresh gourmet street foods” like tacos, street dogs, sliders, grilled cheese and fries.
  4. Green Truck (@greentruck_sd) opened last weekend and serves items like veggie burgers, chicken wraps, salads, and mahi tacos.  They use only certified organic foods, buy locally grown ingredients when possible, and run their truck off of vegetable oil.  All of their food packaging containers are made from biodegradable products.


The East Village Opening Day Block Party (Padres vs. Giants) has just been announced, and if you are a food truck fan in San Diego, you won’t want to miss this.  The event organizers have stated that they are going to have 8 trucks and 2 carts, making this a pretty big deal!  The event will also have live music and a beer garden.

Tuesday, April 5
J Street between 7th and 10th

For more information, visit facebook.com/evblockparty.