Interview Exclusive with Not So Fast! Food Truck

Interview Exclusive with Not So Fast! Food Truck

Not So Fast! Food Truck opened in late July 2012. Owners and chefs Bob Montgomery and June Sinclair took some time to answer questions for

not so fast food

How would you describe your food?
Local, Sustainable, Paleo. Healthy fast food on the go! We try to incorporate seasonal produce as well as our own personal tastes into each menu item. Meats and vegetables are a staple.

What is “Paleo”?
The Paleo & Primal lifestyle isn’t just about what you can’t eat, but more about what you can. Local, sustainable and pasture raised meats, seasonal organic vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy oils. The diet allows us to eat delicious, nutrient packed food that our bodies have evolved to eat over thousands and thousands of years. Agriculture was just introduced 10,000 years ago, our bodies have not learned to digest grains, legumes and processed foods yet.

What makes your truck/food great/unique?
We source all of our meats from local farms and we know what they eat, what kind of land they’re raised on, and who the farmers are that tend to them every day. Unlike other trucks or restaurants, we make every single thing on our truck from scratch without the use of Gluten, Soy, Conventional Dairy, Legumes, or Preservatives.

Hey, what do you have against legumes?