Eat St. on Location in San Diego This Weekend!

Eat St. on Location in San Diego This Weekend!

Eat St. is a show all about food trucks from the Cooking Channel and Food Network.  They will be filming 4 trucks in San Diego this weekend!  You may recall that they previously featured Mangia Mangia in episode 1 of season 2.

Show up to one of these locations and who knows – maybe you can launch your TV career!  At the very least, you get to see how a TV show gets filmed.  The show would love to have a good crowd, so please show your support!

  • Sat 19th: Food Farm, San Diego, 600 Pacific View Drive, 12-2pm.
  • Sun 20th: MIHO Gastrotruck, Bird Park in North Park on 28th & Thorn, 12-2pm.
  • Mon 21st: Eat at Recess, 4840 Eastgate Mall, 12-2pm.
  • Tues 22nd. Devilicious, 4000 Ruffin Road, 12-2pm.

Full details are here.


“Sign On San Diego” Does Video Piece on Food Trucks

Click here to view the great piece Sign on San Diego did about food trucks (click the link and then select “4SD-Food Trucks” from the list of videos).  I love that they took the time to interview multiple trucks!  Included are India on Wheels, Corner Cupcakes, Green Truck, and MIHO.  It’s very well done, and I’m not just saying that because they mentioned my blog. 🙂  Congrats truckers!!!

5 Trucks at Nat’l Homebrewers Conference June 16-18

5 Trucks at Nat’l Homebrewers Conference June 16-18

 Five food trucks will be stationed right over the footbridge behind the Town & Country Resort  in the parking lot of the Fashion Valley Mall during the National Homebrewers Conference.  Sounds like a match made in heaven. The Conference is a fun, educational gathering designed to enhance homebrewers’ brewing skills and knowledge and increase homebrewing camaraderie. (Are you trying to tell me this isn’t just an excuse to get drunk and hang out?)

These food trucks are open to the public, available daily and potentially late into the night.

  • Pierogi Truck
  • Mangia Mangia Mobile
  • Food Farm SD
  • Kiko’s Place
  • India On Wheels

Location: Avenida Del Rio, right over the footbridge behind  the Town & Country Resort and Fashion Valley Mall.
Date: June 16th -18th, 11am-Late Night

Official Event Website

MIHO Gastrotruck Interview Exclusive

MIHO Gastrotruck Interview Exclusive

MIHO Gastrotruck has quickly become one of the most popular and highly regarded food trucks in San Diego since their opening in May 2010.  This San Diego food truck is owned and operated by Juan Miron and Kevin Ho (Kevin answered the interview questions below).   Their philosophy is to “use fresh, local, and thoughtfully sourced ingredients to create hand crafted street food that is affordable, convenient, and delicious.” MIHO Gastrotruck

1. How many people work inside the truck at one time? What’s going on in there anyway?
We roll with a crew of 4 for each shift – cashier, expo, plancha (grill), and cold line.

2. What’s your favorite thing about running the truck and what is your biggest challenge?
The most rewarding aspect is developing a sense of community at each of our locations. Our customers, or HOMI’s as we like to call them, are mostly regulars that come on a weekly basis. We really enjoy getting to know them and giving them something to be proud of in their “work” community – a lot like the sense of belonging and attachment you have with your local bar or favorite restaurant. The Cheers theme song got it right – sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

CONTINUED……. (more…)

San Diego Reader Cover Story on Food Trucks

San Diego Reader Cover Story on Food Trucks

The cover story in the recent San Diego Reader is titled, “I Like My Truck, But I Miss My Cart” and is a lengthy article with interviews from MIHO Gastrotruck, Tabe BBQ and Manny’s Taco truck.

Some observations and interesting points from the article:

 Sd Reader CoverThe author, who is visiting Tabe as they are parked behind The Office bar in North Park, asks why they can’t park where the public can see them: 
“I’ve been given a ticket for ‘selling on a public road.’ You’re not allowed to do that. You could be blocking a public right-of-way. That was $258, in Hillcrest. That scared me from parking near the city on the streets. But I don’t know why we should be hiding back here.”

Great quote from Tabe:  “And, yet, we add life to the city. It should be welcoming us.””

It also tells the story of Manny’s Taco Truck.  The owner (Manny, of course) apparently used to own a taco cart then the city told him he had to get a truck even though he didn’t want to.  The cost of the truck and the difference in the work environment sound like they have been tough for him.  The title of the article, ” “I Like My Truck, But I Miss My Cart” is his quote.

An interesting read.