Delicioso Interview Exclusive

Delicioso Interview Exclusive

Jorge Cortez opened Delicioso about a year ago, and his truck has an ever-changing menu, with dishes like Tex-Mex carne asada, ceviche, flatbread Mexican pizza, tortas cubana, skewers, spicy shrimp, smoked marlin, and veggie tacos, all with his signature basil rice. This is cuisine made with care and creativity, bursting with flavor and freshness. Don’t let the flowers on the side of this truck fool you—this is some serious food. Seriously delicious.

Delicioso Shrimp Taco

Jorge was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for SDFT.

SDFT: What did you do before you had the food truck? Tell us a little about yourself.
JC: I was an elementary school teacher for fifteen years. Although teaching was very rewarding, I decided to venture into a new business, and catering was something that always interested me.