Interview Exclusive with Crazy Wheel

Interview Exclusive with Crazy Wheel

Joe and Matet from Crazy Wheel have an obsession – with perfection. One taste of their fresh coffees, hand-made drinks or creative meals will have you asking yourself, “how is this so good?!”  My first taste of their mind-blowing chocolate-coconut shake led them to show me the machete they used to scrape the meat out of the coconut.  Whoa.  Learn more about this interesting truck in this exclusive interview. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your background. Who are you?

Crazy Wheel Truck

The Crazy Wheel Truck

There’s two of us behind Crazy Wheel, Joe and Matet.

Joe is originally from western Kentucky state, east of Owensboro. He never fit in there or anywhere where they wanna talk about money and careers. He’s lived there, in Japan, and Singapore, and has been cooking for as long as he remembers. Making good food isn’t about money (he’d give it all away for free if he could afford to) and is more of an aesthetic pursuit to get it right. He’s probably autistic and likes pedantic accuracy, books, rock music, and definitely food.

Matet is from Cebu, Philippines and has constantly had trouble eating food or drinking something she, Joe, or her mom did not make. She often finds popular trends to have more hype than substance and does not like ridiculous amounts of sugar, oil, or meat in her meals. She likes to just make the drink perfectly, talk with artists and her best friends, and mostly hide from people unless they give her a reason to come out.