Food Farm Truck

The Food Farm truck has arrived on the scene in San Diego and somehow managed to open without SDFT’s knowledge.  This makes SDFT fretfully question their food truck omniscience.  Enough about our injured self-esteem:

Food Farm Truck

Image from Food Farm's Facebook page

Facebook: “Food Farm, San Diego”
Twitter: @foodfarmsd

Food Farm currently lists 5 menu items on their website, including sliders, ginger chicken, orange salad, a “falafel dog”, and a grilled cheese.  The grilled cheese is intruiging to me as it’s made with goat cheese, strawberries, and balsamic!

They are a family owned truck that serves lunches to San Diego locations between the hours of 11am-1pm, Tues-Fri.  They also pride themselves in supporting local farmers and businesses.

The Gathering Spot BistrotruckGathering Spot Bistrotruck

This truck made it’s triumphant debut at the recent 57 Degrees Food Truck Extravaganza on April 15.  Their menu for this event included items like the Trifecta Grilled Cheese Sandwich: gouda, cheddar and pepper jack served with a gazpacho shot; and churritos: churro bites tossed in cinammon and sugar topped with vanilla drizzle.  Also mini tacos, sliders, truffle fries,a nd variations on hot dogs and brats. 

Facebook: tgsbistrotruck @tgsbistrotruck