List of Gourmet Food Trucks

This is a list of currently operating gourmet food trucks in San Diego. These trucks regularly serve lunch, dinner, desserts, or beverages in different locations around San Diego County.

Truck catering requests can be submitted here.

Truck Name Type of Cuisine Link
American Flavors Truck American @americanfoodtrk
Aunty Lynne's Asian fusion and more website
Baby's Burgers burgers website
Bachi Bus Japanese Facebook
Beach Eats California website
Beachin Boba Drinks, snacks website
Belgium Waffles Waffles website
Biersal Food Truck Beer-friendly local food @biersal_fdtruck
Born in Brooklyn New York website
Bosnian Grill Mediterranean, American  Facebook
Brr Grr Burgers/Ice cream sandwiches Facebook
Cappuccino in the Park Beverages website
Casanova Fish Tacos Baja/Mexican  Website
Cruisin for a Brewsin Beverages website
Chameleon Cuisine Eclectic  Website
Chilatruck Mexican website
Chubby’s California website
Criscito Pizza Pizza website
Cucina Caprese Pizza Facebook
CurioCity Catering Various  @curiocitytruck
Currywurst Frankfurt German website
Dang Brother Pizza Pizza website
Danky Donuts Donuts website
Devilicious Various @Deviliciousfood
Dirty Birds Chicken Wings Facebook
Dos Bandidos Mexican Facebook
Eat Your Heart Out American Fusion website
Epic Eatz California website
Famoso Mexican Facebook
The Flavor Mobile Various website
Full Metal Burgers Burgers website
God Save the Cuisine British @gstcuisine
Gelü Italian Ice Italian Ice Facebook
The Go Go Truck American  website
The Groovy Greek Greek website
Haad Sai Thai Food Thai @haadsai
Harvest Kitchen Organic  website
Hot Bevs Coffee and Tea Co. Beverages website
It's Raw Poke Truck Poke website
Joes on the Nose Beverages @joesonthenose
Juice Wave Juice @JuiceWaveSD
Kiko's Place Mexican seafood Instagram
King Kream Ice cream website
Kona Ice Shave ice website
Linme's Gourmet Soul Food Southern Facebook
Local Kebab Middle Eastern  website
LouZiana Food Cajun/New Orleans Facebook
Mahalo Shave Ice Shave Ice website
MIHO Gastrotruck Various @amihoexperience
Molten Waffle Waffles website
Monster Crafts American  Facebook
Mr. Greek Food Truck Greek Instagram
No Leftovers Catering Turkish website
O Food Truck Various website
Pierogi Truck Polish @pierogitruck1
Pomodoro Rosso Italian @PomodoroRossoSD
Red Oven Artisan Pizza Pizza @RedOvenPizza
Rice or Death Fried Rice website
Rush Coffee Truck Beverages @TheRushCoffee
San Diego Slider Co Burgers Facebook
Senor Woofle Various Facebook
Shawarma Guys Middle Eastern Facebook
Simply Fresh California @SimplyFreshSD
SnoCal Shaved Ice Shave Ice @SnoCalShavedIce
Sub Fusion sandwiches  website
Super Q Food Truck BBQ @SuperQFoodTruck
Surf Me a Taco Tacos website
Sushi Uno Sushi @sushiuno
Sweet Treats Dessert @SDsweettreats
Tacos la Mezcla Mexican @tacoslamezcla
Taco Love Mexican Facebook
Tacos Picasso Mexican website
El Taco Spot Mexican website
A Truck Called Noodles Asian website
URBN Catering Pizza  Website
Zoe's Place Seafood  Facebook
Zs Buddies Sushi Japanese Fusion @zs_sushi

Report missing trucks to


Unconfirmed–Open or Closed?

We haven’t heard from these food trucks in a while. Status unknown…Do you have info on these trucks?

Nana’s Heavenly Dogs @nanashotdogs
Papas Locas Truck @papaslocastruck
Quick Stop Grill website
Pinto’s Pizza Cones website
Road Trip Espresso @Roadtrip_sd
30th Street Food Affair Facebook
Slider House Burger Co. website
Seoul Man Food Truck @seoulmanfood
Yo Yo Bento @yoyobentotruck
Two for the Road @TwofortheroadSD
Mastiff Sausage Company @MastiffSausage
Mangia Mangia @mangiatruck
Herb N Donuts Truck @herbndonutssd
Hana Hou Facebook
Petra Grill @petrarestauran1
Frida’s Cocina website
Delicioso Food Truck @Deliciosofood
Devil Dogs BBQ Facebook
Corazon de Torta website
El Cevichito Facebook
La Cochinita @LaCochinitaUSA
Caliano by Spinelli Instagram

Closed/Moved Food Trucks

Rollin Roots Instagram
Spins Coffee Truck; Coffee; Facebook
Perky Beans Coffee; Coffee; website moved to Texas
Smoothie Rider website
Doubies website
El Hueco @elhuecotruck
Just Smother It @justsmotherit
It’s Raw Poke Truck website
Food Junkies @foodjunkietruck
Cousins Maine Lobster website
Soul Cal Pit Stop @soulcalpitstop
My Urban Eats @myurbaneats
Black Sheep BBQ Facebook
Temaki Express website
DK Local Kitchen @DKLocalKitchen
Bump Coffee @bump_coffee
Avian’s House @Aviansfoodhouse
It’s a Dog’s World @A_Dogs_World
Under the Crust @underthecrust1
Game Day Eats Twitter
Wishbone Wings @wishbonewings
Taste of Chicago Facebook
Sweets in Motion Facebook
Tastylicious @TastyliciousTRK
East African Cuisine Facebook
Green Truck @greentruck_sd
Smokey Jake’s BBQ; BBQ; website; moved to another state
Rhythm’s Chicken and Waffles; chicken and waffles; instagram opened restaurant
Caribbean Escape;Caribbean;@caribescape opened restaurant
Tabe BBQ @tabebbq 2019
Cobys Coffee Facebook March 2019
Single Fin Truck @singlefintruck became eatery 2019
New Orleans Cuisine and Catering @neworleanstruck 2019
New York on Rye 2018
Scugnizzi Pizza @scugnizzipizza 2018
Pearson Cajun Foods @PearsonCatfish Moved to Hemet
Fork Yeah! @ForkYeahSD 2018?
That’s What Cheese Said Facebook 2017
Salt + Lime @saltandlimesd 2017
Pizza Pazza @pizzapazzatruck
Marley’s Cafe Pizzeria Truck Facebook 2018?
Lil Miss Short Cakes @lilmsshortcakes Moved to Temecula
Grater Grilled Cheese @gratergc Became eatery
Japanese Authentic Palate in a Box Facebook
Franklin’s Cuts @Franklinscuts 2017?
Crabcakes 911 @crabcakes911 2017
Papitas Food Truck Instagram 2017?
Back to Foods Facebook
Bitchin’ Burgers @bitchinburgers 2017
Underdogs Gastro Truck @underdogstruck 2016/7
Bite Mi Express @bitemiexpress June 2017
The InSlider @TheInSliderSD March 2017
The Sushi Bus @thesushibussd Feb 2017
Mr. Dash Shrimp Truck @mrdashtruck 2016
The Shawarma Guy (TSG), website June 2016
STUFFED! @STUFFEDsd March 2016; opened eatery in Liberty Station
Woody’s Burgers @woodysburg_FT 2015
Patty Melt @pattytruck Dec. 2015
Chop Sooey @choptruck Dec. 2015
Puesto @EatPuesto Dec. 2015
Not So Fast Food Truck @notsofastfood Nov. 2015
Rolling Taco Truck @RolledTacoTruck October 2015
La California Website August 2015
Eat at Recess @eatatrecess Sept 2015
Brazil on Wheelz Facebook August 2015
Thang and Dang’s Lao & Thai Food, Facebook. Feb. 2015; opened restaurant
MexiCalbi Fusion @CalbiBBQ December 2014
Ka-Pow! @Kapowfoodtruck 2014
Porketeers @porketeers no longer a truck
Lez Eat Food Truck Facebook 2014
Farm Fish Fork @farmfishfork 2014
Crepes Bonaparte; @crepesbsandiego, Nov. 2014, moved to O.C.
Mad Mantis, @madmantistruck Feb. 2014
Heavenly Baja Tacos website
Soul Cal Food Truck @soulcalgourmet late 2013
The Dog Shack; @diegodogshack 2013
Hoangie’s Banh Mi on Wheels @hoangies 2013
Meltdown @findmeltdown Jan. 2013
Goodyvan @GoodyVanSD 2013
Asian Persuasion: @asianfoodtruck February 2014
Not II Fast Food Truck: @not2fastfood Jan. 2014
Rolling Ribs and Sitting Ducks: Facebook 2013
Operacaffe Mobile: @operacaffemobil Dec. 2013
The Gooch: @TheGoochTruck summer 2013
Miss Sushi SD: Facebook summer 2013
Our Daily Cuisine: @ourdailycuisine 2013
Groggy’s @FollowGroggys
Dharma Dogs: @dharmadogs1 closed July 2013
T1O Eats: @T1OEATS closed May 2013
Slow Cal BBQ: @slowcalbbq moved to Las Vegas March 2013
Yellow Lunch Box: @yellowlunchbx closed Mar 2013
K’Paza: @kpazatruck Moved to Texas. Feb 2013
SD Street Eats; @SDStreetEats 2012?
Yeti Frozen Custard: @yetispot Moved to Texas. Feb 2013
OB Seafood: @OBSeafoodTruck Dec 2012
Culinary Asylum: Facebook Nov 2012
Food Farm: @foodfarmsd Nov. 2012
Mr. Pig’s BBQ: @thepigmobile 2012
Streetside Bistro: @streetsidebistr (not sure when they closed)
Sushi Ninjas: SDSushiNinjas closed indefinitely
Munchie Mobile (Jack in the Box): @MunchieMobile traveling to other markets. Oct 2012
Just the Tip: @justthetipsd 2012
Crazy Wheel: @crazywheelSD 2012
Gandolfo’s Mobile Deli: closed Oct 2012 @gandolfosos
Brats Berlin: moved to OC @bratsberlin
Espresso Urbano (beverages): @EspressoUrbano
Mad Maui: Closed May 2012 @MadMauiBBQ
The Gathering Spot Bistrotruck: Closed Feb 2012 @tgsbistrotruck
Corner Cupcakes: Closed Jan 2012 @cornercupcakes
KALBIQ: Changed into a second Devilicious truck in Sept 2011. @kalbiq
India on Wheels: Closed July 2011 @IndiaOnWheelsSD
Chef Dave de Jour: No longer in business @davedejour
Copper Chimney: Owner opened a restaurant @sdcopperchimney
Monster Mobile: @monstermobile1
Bareback Grill Kiwicoach: @sdkiwicoach


  1. Nice, I just added your @sdfoodtrucks to my Twitter list. I will keep checking your weekly updates. Great interview on PBS today.

  2. Does anyone know how I can get a traditional (non-gourmet) food truck to visit the college I work for in the evenings? Our college students seem to have smaller budgets.

  3. I’m looking for a food truck to come by our campus in the evenings around 7:30pm M-F. We have about 800 students on campus and they get hungry. The food has to be inexpensive like fries, tacos, burgers, grilled cheese, etc. Anyone know of anybody available?

    • Justin,

      I have a food trailer and I’ve been trying to get in contact with you with NO LUCK….can you please contact me?? or give me your contact info….Thanks!

    • Hey Justin. Cheesy Amigos would love to try it out a few times. Please get in contact with us too. We have a great price point for students

  4. Looking for a foodtruck that is not currently operating– need to rent or lease one for a year or so !!! want to set up in the oil fields in North Dakota–anyone have any info please email or call 760-908-6430
    Thank you for any help you can give
    Dick Dodd

  5. Does anyone know if there are Coffee and Pastry food trucks? I am working a big event and would like to know if there are any of those type of trucks or something close to it. Thanks

  6. Any ideas on how we can lure some trucks downtown for lunch? We’re feeling pretty left out down here!

  7. Now that the Encinitas meet has been shutdown – how about having one next to Holiday Park in Carlsbad? If anyone is interested please let me know and I can sound out with the City on what would be needed…

  8. Was going through the list and think some of the trucks are no longer around. Just the Tip, Limmes, Ms. Sushi, Pig Rig, OB Seafood, Our Daily, SD Street Eats, Streetside, Sushi Ninjas. Also why is swieners & casanova fish tacos on the list- they aren’t even food trucks or even trailers (they are booths)

  9. I saw foodfarm on Convoy the other day.

  10. I’m off of Palomar Airport Road on the north side of Palomar Oaks Way, first parking lot on the left, and I would love to patronize any trucks that come by. There are 3 buildings here and there used to be trucks here but the complex lost a lot of tenants in the recession. People are moving back in, though, and if anyone came by, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be stoked! There’s nothing to eat for miles!

    • I would love to stop by where is the location Cindy

  11. What is your contact info please?

  12. We are looking for food trucks to frequent our area at the north end of Towne Centre Drive. Even if it’s once a week.

  13. Where is the location Laura

  14. San Diego’s ITT Technical Institute just relocated to National City, CA. We have a great big parking lot at the moment and I’m researching the possibility of organizing a monthly food truck gathering for both our school students and staff as well as for the general public. We are located on a busy street (Mile of Cars Way) right off the I-5 freeway and one block west of the famous Mile of Cars. Any information or interest in setting this up would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • We did a catering event for an office building down the street from your school. They loved us and want us back every week , we are located in Chula Vista find us on facebook at Charlie’s Asian Crepes and Rolling Ribs or email me for additional info

  15. Keep me informed:-)!

  16. Dear All,

    I have a top of the line costom made food truck for sale in san diego, ca.

    Call Basil @ 619-623-5600 for more info.

  17. Looking for a healthy breakfast/lunch truck or vendor to participate in one-day food court in Escondido on May 12. Big crowds (70,000) expected for all-day world class bike race. Food court area right on race route, close to start/finish line.
    Must be self contained if truck.
    Info online at
    Huge exposure to local, regional customers.

    • click the “book a truck” tab for help with your event!

  18. Slow Cal BBQ moved to vegas effective today (april 1st)

    • Thank you for the heads up!! Very sad to hear they are leaving!

  19. Have a great location venue for food trucks on a Marina in Mission Bay-plenty of street and free public parking…we have deli-not selling food but large outdoor seating area selling beer and wine….looking to have weekend get togethers…..anyone interested in checking it out?

  20. Hi everyone so I’m looking to buy a food truck if anyone is selling one or knows of anyone selling one please contact me at (760)270-4182 my name is martin

  21. Hello I am interrested in starting a food truck, but I don’t know what license and permits I will need, or what order to get them in. Do I buy the truck first and then apply for necc. permits, or are there things I can do before purchasin a truck. Do I need a ficticious business name first. Please help email me at, or hopefully i can find my way back to this page..

  22. If any of you great food trucks find yourself with no where to park today 4/20/13 between 10am and 5:30pm there is a BIG EVENT competition at Solid Rock Climbing Gym in Poway today. 100+ people in attendance who will be hungry! Address is 13026 Stowe Drive. Poway California 92064

  23. Please send updates for food trucks in San Diego area. Planning a food truck business soon.

  24. Wasn’t there a pizza truck or something that was made out of an old fire truck? Can someone give me the name/website?

    • Dang Bros. Pizza. We met those guys on our street when they were booking a segment on The Chew. So good and super down to earth. Dang Bros. Pizza is on Facebook.

  25. I work at a company that has a little over 100 employees. We currently have a “roach coach” that comes everyday at 9:30 but recently they have sold spoiled food and spoiled drinks. My boss wants me to find a new food truck to come in because of this. The only problem is I have no idea how to go about it. Ideally it would be something not so expensive that has drinks and stuff like fries, burgers, tacos, salads ect.

  26. I work at a machine shop at the end of bond ave. Off the lake jennings exit there are a bunch of shops out here. We need a lunch truck that servers good fresh food to come up this cul-de-sac, 9am or 11:30am.

  27. I am being pulled in many directions like most first time food truck owners. I love California but it is lucrative to stay and operate here? what is the cost of a license etc? as opposed to Portland where small business is welcome and costs are lower? Would like to hear from people who have experienced on or the other and get a true evaluation. Thanks!

    • Please contact me and I will explain the details to you. However, if you have a San Diego Health Department License. ……You can operate anywhere in the world !!!and that is a fact…..

      • Hello, Al.

        Very similar to Annie’s situation, I am trying to do my due diligence and better understand the food truck universe. I, too, love California but blogs and articles have been suggesting elsewhere for a better start. I am interested in learning more about this Health Department License and I would appreciate any of the details you have shared with Annie. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you, in advance, for your time.

  28. Will there be food trucks at the SDSU football games at Qualcomm Stadium this year?

  29. We are looking for a truck to come visit our work. There are 4 companies here ranging from 20 to over 100 employees each. The location is an alley between Hancock st and Kurtz st in Point Loma (92110). The cross street is Sherman st.
    There is one truck that comes mon-fri 9am and 11am for 15 min each. But the quality of the food is terrible. As a result most people go out to eat lunch. any takers?

  30. Im really in need of a food truck to come through the area I work. We had one coming through a couple months ago. But stopped all of a sudden. It’s a big industrial park with a lot of other businesses in need of a lunch truck also. And also right next to the san Miguel fire department. In spring valley. off of Austin street. Please contact me and let me know. Thank you again.

  31. Love food trucks. A lot of times you eat better at the food trucks than you do at places. Great food truck list.

  32. Hi, theres a food truck thats been parked at Revelle College at UCSD for a few days. I think its called incredi-Bowl? Cant find it on any websites and not on yelp. Anyone know anything about this truck?

  33. Any word on SD Street Eats? Haven’t seen any updates in forever.

  34. Hi, I am currently interested in having a food truck at my bar in Pacific Beach 7 days a week. I know there are a couple businesses in town that have different food trucks everyday and i was looking into doing something similar. Please contact me if you are interested in working with me

  35. Hi Travis,

    What is the name and exact location of your bar? How much would you charge per month since is going to be 7 days a week full time….


  36. Hey everyone,

    I do marketing for a cluster of San Diego radio stations, I am putting together a food truck festival. I am putting together a list of trucks to come out, serve food and do a co-op media promotion.

    Those interested can email me.
    Thank you!

  37. I am looking for a gourmet food truck to cater our wedding reception. If you are a food truck that does this type of venue, please contact me,

    Thank you!

  38. Looking for a food truck to come on site, every other Wednesday (2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 3/26, etc.) for lunch from 1130-130 on North Torrey Pines (across the street from the driving range). Or if Wednesdays of that week are not good, possibly a Tuesday or a Thursday. Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Submit an event request at the Book a Truck page! 🙂

  39. On Sat. June 21st 2014 we will be having our ” Sweet Sixteen ” Julian Blues Bash at the Menghini Winery in Juilan Ca. Great family style Blues Festival…wine tasting , dancing, chillin’ out, cold beer, fantastic performers and fun food !

    We are looking for 2-3 Food truck ‘partners’ to feed our 1000 -2000 guests !!
    Suggestions ?? please contact me through
    Thanks !! See you on the Mountain !!

  40. Hello Food Truck folks,

    I have an idea for a food truck. It is still very undeveloped as I have many unanswered questions. If an owner of a food truck has time to chat with me please send me an email at

    I am young and ambitious. I know I could run my own truck but I need some mentoring for specifics and regulations. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for and advice.

  41. Looking at having a party at our house for our son that is leaving for boot camp. This is for May 31, about 100 people starting at 2:00 pm in North County..Mexican food would be first choice. Any recommendations ..event should last 3 hours.

  42. Hello, any burger food trucks out there that do burgers, hot dogs, fries and shakes?? Looking to throw a 50’s Diner themed party. Some of these burger truck menus look a little too fancy.

  43. Hi,
    I am looking for a food truck that will come out to Borrego Springs on November 15th in the evening. We will be serving between 40-50 people, and would like a few simple options (including vegetarian. We will be prepaying for this event. Finding a food truck for that far east is proving to be challenging.

  44. Are there any food trucks that are hiring for any and all positions. I’m an experienced cook looking to follow my passion of feeding others! Please feel free to contact me at

  45. Hi. We are holding an outdoor Toy Collectibles Event Show at Southern California Comics located at 8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #124. We would love to have food trucks show up because it’ll be a fun event from 10-5 PM and there will be plenty of people showing up, and given the location (which is within a parking lot amongst a series of industrial buildings) your business would be the most convenient and appreciated food option for hungry shoppers! Contact us at, 619-987-4800

  46. Some trucks that I think are no longer around: Farm Fish Fork; Groggys; Good News BBQ; Ka-Pow; Soul Cal Food Truck; Under The Crust

  47. What happened to Swieners?

  48. wondering if any of your trucks in san diego do fundraisers?? thank you

  49. We are looking for a food truck to cater to our employee luncheon.
    Vi is celebrating our 2nd time “Best Places to Work” award and treating around 150 employees to lunch in La Jolla from 11:30 to 1:30 on August 14th.


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