MOGL is an easy and free program that gives you 10% back on LOTS of restaurants (and some food trucks) in San Diego.

If you haven’t signed up for MOGL yet, you really should. I *love* it. Let me explain why this an awesome app!

To start, you just create an account, enter your credit card information, and anytime you use that credit card to buy food or drinks at participating restaurants, you get 10% of what you spent put back on to your credit card at the end of the month.

But here are the 2 reasons why I think this is one of the best apps ever:

  1. You don’t have to even KNOW when you are at a participating restaurant. You don’t need to “check in” or anything. Sometimes I will get a notification that I saved money and I didn’t even know it.
  2. There are TONS of participating restaurants in San Diego. I went out with friends the other night and without even knowing it, the place we had dinner AND the two bars we went to afterwards were all in MOGL. Cha-ching!

Sign up today!