• New York On Rye: 11:30 – 1:30 at 10182 Telesis Court, Sorrento Valley
  • Not So Fast!:10030 Barnes Canyon Rd, 11:00 – 1:30pm. Sorrento Valley
  • God Save the Cuisine: Greenwich Dr crossing Shoreham Pl from 11-1:30pm
    Super Q Food Truck: Qualcomm at 5405 Morehouse Dr. 12:30pm to 1:30pm, and 2645 Financial Ct. 11:30am to 12:15pm, and Scripps Health 10130 Sorrento Valley Rd. 10:30am to 11:15am
  • Mangia Mangia Mobile: 2355 Northside Drive Mission Valley 11:30-1:30pm
  • Greengo GrilledCheese: 10030 Barnes Canyon Rd, From 11am-1:30pm
  • Devilicious: North County Credit Union at 17045 Via Del Campo 11-2pm and also Sony at 8928 Terman Court 11:30-1:30pm
  • HaadSai Thai Food: 3377 Torrey Pines Ct 11:30-1:30pm.
  • Epic Eatz: 5770 Fleet St Carlsbad from 11-1:30pm.
  • Tabe BBQ: SkyPark Ct off Ruffin Rd 92123 from 11:30-1:30pm.
  • Two For the Road: Sequenom 11:30-1:30pm.
  • STUFFED!: Raytheon from 11-1pm.
  • Pierogi Truck: 9449 Carroll Park Drive 11:30-1:30pm

Gatherings tonight in:

  • Scripps Ranch Innovation Academy, at 10380 Spring Canyon Rd, Poway 92131, 5:00pm-8:00pm