• My Urban Eats: 9540 Towne Centre Dr in UTC. 11:30-1:30
  • New York On Rye: 11:30-1:30, Dexcom, 6340 Sequence Dr (around back).
  • Simply Fresh: MedImpact in Scripps Ranch from 11-1pm
  • Currywurst Food Truck: Torrey View Corporate Center, 10590 West Ocean West Air Drive, 11-1:30pm
  • Delicioso: 10030 Barnes Canyon Rd 11:00-2:10pm, Sorrento Valley
  • New Orleans Food Truck: National University, 1125 N. Torrey Pines 11:15-2:10pm
  • New York on Rye: Dexcom Corporate, 6364 Sequence Dr 11:00-1:30pm (not sure if this is open to the public.)
  • Organic Food Truck: 354 Santa Fe Dr, Encinitas 92024. 11-2p
  • Juice Wave: MCRD (3800 Chosin Ave. 92140)

No gatherings tonight