• Green Truck: Kearny Mesa, 4200 Ruffin Rd, 11:15am-1:30pm
  • Super Q Food Truck: 13500 Evening Creek Dr. 10:30-11:30am, then MedImpact Building Lot at 10181 Scripps Gateway from 11:45-1:30pm

  • MeltDown: 2470 Faraday from 10:30-1:30
  • Asian Persuasion & The InSlider: MCAS Miramar from 10:30-3:00
  • New York On Rye: 9655 Towne Centre Drive, UTC. 11-1:30.
  • Pierogi Truck: 11:30-2pm 10090 Barnes Canyon Rd Sorrento Valley
  • Slow Cal BBQ & A Dog’s World: Barnes Canyon Rd, Sorrento Valley
  • Lez Eat Food Truck:  Barnes canyon Rd
  • God Save the Cuisine: Bridge point off east gate mall 11 til 2
  • Hoangies food truck: 9449 Carroll Park Dr 11:30-1:30
  • Flippin’ Pizza: Pendleton today in the 43 area PX lot. 10:45-1:15
  • Chubbys Food Truck: Sorrento Valley 11-1:30 @ 6310 Sequence Dr. Behind Dexcom building
  • GreenGo GastroTruck: Greenwich & Shoreham from 11-1:40 pm.
  • Operacaffe Mobil: Petco office on Reho rd 11:30-1
  • Not So Fast: 3111 Camino Del Rio North 11-1
  • Devilicious: 9775 Towne Center Drive -11:30-12:30pm / 9785 Towne Center Drive -12:30-1:30pm
  • Underdogs GastroTruck: Avenue of science 11-1:30

Tonight: Eastlake Wednesday Truck Gathering Tonight’s Lineup: Super Q Food Truck ‏, Asian Persuasion, Devilicious, Opera Caffe, God Save the Cuisine, Tabe BBQ, SD Sweet Treats

Whole Foods Hillcrest: Slow Cal BBQ, Not So Fast, and T1OEats will be serving on the rooftop of Whole Foods Market Hillcrest from 4:30-7pm

Disclaimer: Always confirm a truck’s location by checking their Facebook, Twitter, or website before you go. Things can change.