food truck gatherings banned9/27/13: The second casualty of new mayor Todd Gloria’s crackdown on food truck laws in San Diego is the Mission Valley gathering on Wednesday nights.

9/24/13: The first casualty was the downtown gathering at the San Diego Civic Center. We received this information from food truck event organizer Curbside Bites:

The weekly food truck gathering at the Downtown San Diego Civic Center was SHUT DOWN today by the city as they begin their enforcement of NO FOOD TRUCKS ALLOWED ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. No timeline has been given by Interim Mayor Todd Gloria’s office as to when we can expect any amendments to the current codes which prohibit food trucks to vend on private property.

We also learned that “any shut downs they enforce are complaint driven (a person or business has to complain about the trucks being there).”

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According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, current San Diego law states that food trucks are not allowed to park on private property, but the law just wasn’t enforced under former Mayor Filner. New mayor Todd Gloria says he will enforce the law, but then he wants to change it to allow trucks back on the streets. There is no clear timeline for when this will happen. Here’s another article on the issue from San Diego6. And here’s a video piece from Fox 5 San Diego.

Pictured to the right is a letter received by a food truck event organizer, citing the rules they are breaking.

Every day a food truck isn’t allowed to sell, it’s a small business that is losing money. Help support food trucks in San Diego by signing the petition from