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Facebook: San Diego Food Trucks
Twitter: @sdfoodtrucks
Email: sdfoodtrucks@gmail.com

How can I get a truck to serve food at my event?
Go here.

Our mission:
To inform about and promote gourmet food trucks in San Diego.

Who are you, anyway?
We are food truck fans who want to share information with the community! The San Diego Food Truck Facebook page began in June 2010 and this blog several months later. Please note that we do not run or own a food truck or cart.

Did you organize [insert name] food truck festival/event?
Nope, we don’t organize any truck events.

Will you list my truck on your site?
If you consistently serve food and/or beverages at different public locations around San Diego, email sdfoodtrucks@gmail.com and let’s talk about it.

Will you list my event on the calendar?
If you know of an event with 3 or more food trucks in San Diego, email sdfoodtrucks@gmail.com and we’ll try to get it up there. Include the event name, date, time, address, web link, and number/names of trucks attending.

Can you give me advice on how to start a truck?
We are a fan site and don’t own a truck, so unfortunately, we can’t give you advice on starting a truck. But you should check out our resource page for new truck owners.

I went to find a truck that you said would be there, and it wasn’t there!
Always check a truck’s Facebook, website, or Twitter directly to ensure they will be where you think they will be–you never know, things can change.

Can you get my truck into [fill in name] event?
Your best bet is to contact a truck that has participated in the event in the past and ask them how you can get in the rotation.

Where did you get that super cool logo?
The SDFT logo is thanks to talented artist Sarah Bond. Check out more of her work at Paper Salad.

Who did the nifty website design?
Zack from Six 5 Web Design redesigned the site in June 2012. Check him out!

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